Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily expressing your views on communal disturbances in different parts of India.

Ujan Dudhpur, Tripura
July 7, 2020

The Editor
The Tripura Times
Agartala, Tripura

Sub: Communal disturbances in the country.

Sir, I shall be highly obliged to you if you kindly allow me to express my grave concern in one of the columns of your esteemed newspaper over the frequent communal disturbances in different parts of India.

India is a vast country consists of different cultures, religions, languages and human races. But despite of all the differences we all belong to the same country. We are Indians - it is the most important identity that establishes 'unity in diversity'. But, communal disturbaces in various parts of the country is becoming a threat to the existence of peace and unity in India. Many people are losing their lives and belongings. Some have been driven out of their homes. The communalists are committing all these abominable crimes in the name of religion. It is a dangerous threat to the democarcy and integrity of India. Government should take stern steps against the devil of communalism to bring back the integrity and peace among all communities.

Effective English Writing Please publish it in your daily newspaper and draw attention of every citizen and government of India to the problem of communal disharmony.

Yours faithfully,
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